NoCode movement thrives nowadays. I mean, who could imagine even 5 years ago that there’s going to be plenty of tools for crafting apps, websites with no coding experience? Fantastic!

Notion is an example. Back in 2016, it was designed as a note-taking app, but it’s now much more than just that: it’s a knowledge base, project management tool, you name it. And, you can create cool landing pages in it too!

Today, I’m going to share a (secret?) knowledge with you: how to create a landing page for your MVP, personal blog, or CV. …

A few days ago, I attended the YC Conference that was organized specially for women.

I was surprised by how many women are doing/planning to run their startup. Guess how many ladies signed up for the event? — The answer is about 3000. Just imagine 3000 women from all over the world registered for the conference. That’s a lot, isn’t it? And 60% of them are technical.

A quick summary.

First of all, I was so inspired that I even decided to write my first story on Medium.

Second, I realized that online conferences also work. By making this online…

Veranika Prilutskaya

I build the products leveraging data

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